August 4-7, 2022
The Village @ Church Street
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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About The Event

About The Event

Since the day DQMO was first formed in 2008, this is our 12th year anniversary for hosting 7th biannual DQMO followed by San Diego 2018 where Toronto 2020 bid has been voted as next destination for our gathering. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus pandemic, the conference has been rescheduled to August 2022.


The mission of DQMO is to provide a nurturing space for multicultural Deaf Queer Men to gather, build networks, share emotional support, and expand knowledge about civil rights, health, leadership and multicultural identities. You need to be 19 years old and older to participate.


Gay Village at Church Street


Thursday August 4th, 2022 to Sunday August 7th, 2022

The Village at Church Street

Church Village

Church Village is a neighbourhood, also a home to the community centre, parks, bars, restaurants, and stores catering to the LGBT community (particularly along Church Street). It is also a historic community with Victorian houses and apartments dating back to the late 19th and early 20th century. Many LGBT people also live in the nearby residential neighbourhoods surrounding the Village.

Hotel as our official hub

Marriott Courtyard Downtown

Marriott Courtyard Downtown