Chino XL salutes some of his late friends on the triumphant “Eye.” Over a driving beat from DJ House Shoes, he showcases several layers of his lyrical gifts on the punchline-heavy song. “It’s got a heroic feel to it,” Chino XL says. “I like it because it’s a tribute to Dilla and to Proof, who I worked with. The beat came from House Shoes, so it’s Detroit. The song highlights my New Jersey roots and I live and have been a fixture on the LA scene for more than a decade now, so I feel like it encompassed a triumphant hip-hop feeling. I had the great blessing to have worked with Dilla and Proof before they passed. Then, to attack the beat, I had to write and use some interesting pentameters, so when I hear it, I hear the challenge of it. It sounds like a victory when I hear it.”

“RicanStruction: The Black Rosary” drops Sept 25th on Viper Records.