Exclusive: DJ House Shoes breaks down the personal meaning behind his album’s title, the lack of unification within his home town of Detroit and his career’s trajectory starting a new chapter.

As a figurehead on Detroit’s Hip Hop mast, House Shoes (a/k/a DJ House Shoes) has played one of the most salient roles in the foundation and continual flourishing of the Motor City’s underground scene before, during and since the wake of the legendary producer J. Dilla’s untimely passing in 2006. Having departed his home’s cold and grey climate for the more temperate Los Angeles, then going on to feel the sting of betrayal from former associates in the D, the title of his new album Let It Go seems appropriately thought out and well fitting.

House Shoes recently chatted at great length with HipHopDX in his routinely honest and brash fashion, pulling no punches regarding his role as the “Detroit ambassador of Hip Hop”, his album Let It Go, and the aggressive determination to uphold Dilla’s legacy where he sees others to have dropped the ball.

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